Suadeo is a Boston consultancy that supports clients in CNS Drug Discovery

bostonScientific Project Leadership & Project and Portfolio Management
Business Development & Asset Assessment
Coaching of Drug Discovery Professionals & Teams

Suadeo supports client’s in their quest to discover and develop new medicines in order to improve the quality of patient’s lives. The primary domain expertise is in the therapeutic areas of pain and neuropsychiatric disorders. By leveraging Suadeo's knowledge and experience, foundations, investors, inventors, start-ups, biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations, can more confidently advance toward their goals. Suadeo is deeply committed to increasing the success of its clients by offering a portfolio of services that facilitate rational decision making throughout the neuroscience drug discovery pipeline. 

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Scientific Project Leadership; Project and Portfolio Management

With many companies adopting a virtual approach to drug discovery, there is a corresponding increase in the need for proficient project leadership and management support. Rudy Schreiber, Ph.D. is an experienced leader in CNS drug discovery having directed multidisciplinary, multi-site project teams across all preclinical discovery stages and early clinical development. He has experience with proprietary and partnered programs that were run in house or as virtual projects. His approach is team-oriented and goal-directed, yet flexible, with a focus on excellent preclinical science that can translate into clinical endpoints.

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Business Development and Asset Assessment

The high risk/high reward nature of CNS drug discovery and development has led to an increase in partnering activities. Many large pharmaceutical companies have reduced their in house R&D activities and are now looking for attractive in-licensing opportunities. This includes an increased interest in assets that are at an early stage. On the other hand, many start-ups and smaller companies are looking for partners to support later stage clinical development activities. Dr. Schreiber has more than 20 years of experience with CNS R&D at global pharmaceutical companies in Germany, France and the United States with a variety of approaches (New Chemical Entities, Improved Chemical Entities, repurposed drugs). He has extensive experience with the evaluation of licensing opportunities, preparing company presentations and performing due diligence. Moreover, Dr. Schreiber has built an extensive network in the industry that facilitates leveraging this knowledge for his clients. In addition, his experience in senior management at a global CRO means he can guide customer acquisition strategy for service-oriented companies.

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Coaching of Drug Discovery Professionals and Teams

A virtual R&D approach comes with its very own challenges. People quickly have to master a complex role with a range of functional, operational, leadership and management responsibilities. Tight timelines and limited budgets raise the pressure and there is little or no room for failed experiments. Development of good drug hunters is crucial but internal senior staff may be too stretched to consistently spend time to coach and develop internal talent. Dr. Schreiber has trained and mentored scientists throughout his career and can support companies with the development of their talented people.

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