Scientific Project Leadership; Project and Portfolio Management

With many companies adopting a virtual approach to drug discovery, there is a corresponding increase in the need for proficient project leadership and management support. Rudy Schreiber, Ph.D. is an experienced leader in CNS drug discovery having directed multidisciplinary, multi-site project teams across all preclinical discovery stages and early clinical development. He has experience with proprietary and partnered programs that were run in house or as virtual projects. His approach is team-oriented and goal-directed, yet flexible, with a focus on excellent preclinical science that can translate into clinical endpoints.

Services include:

  1. Novel target selection and validation

  2. Design of effective flow schemes with filtering and milestone criteria

    • Development of screening strategies

    • Includes hit identification, lead generation & optimization for small molecules

  3. Development of biomarker strategies for successful transition into the clinic

    • Focus on target occupancy/engagement, Proof of Mechanism & dose selection

    • Includes design of Proof of Principle and Proof of Concept studies

  4. Performance of Gap analysis and contingency planning

    • Development and execution of back-up strategies

    • Development of decision trees with exit points

  1. Supporting virtual drug discovery by establishing and managing networks of contract research organization (CROs)

    • Identification, evaluation and selection of CROs

    • Design, execution and management of outsourced studies

    • Data analysis, interpretation and reporting

  2. Portfolio building and management

    • Risk analysis and management

    • Project prioritization and resource allocation

  3. Development of publication strategies and technical writing

    • Project proposals

    • Original scientific papers and reviews

    • Conference reports, grants and business plans

    • Summary & analysis of medical and scientific literature

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