Mar 15

Phenotypic approaches in CNS drug discovery: back to the future.

In the second installment of this blog (, I concluded that allosteric approaches hold promise, but that they have not yet delivered more efficacious CNS drugs. Perhaps no...

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Sep 22

Trends in CNS Drug Discovery: allosteric modulators provide novel ways to drug known targets

As announced in my ‘Phoenix rising’ blog (Schreiber 2015), the second edition will focus on novel insights from molecular pharmacology that allow to modulate activity of known receptors. The main attractiveness of such an ‘allosteric’ approach is that...

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Aug 12

Trends in CNS Drug Discovery: Phoenix Rising

There is hardly a presentation or publication on the status and future of drug discovery that does not show a graph of the striking inverse relationship between the enormous drug discovery R&D investments and the staggering decline in new drug approvals...

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