Rudy Schreiber, PH.D. started his career in Central Nervous System (CNS) drug discovery - exactly 25 years ago this past October - as a neuropharmacologist. Coincidentally, this was the same month that Suadeo Drug Discovery Consulting LLC was founded. He now works in Boston as a drug discovery consultant and coach. During his career, he has worked with five companies and in three countries in progressively responsible leadership roles. This includes leading functional groups and discovery based, multidisciplinary - and sometimes multi-company - project teams. He has supported CNS programs for a wide range of psychiatric and neurological diseases, from early target validation through Phase 2 Proof of Concept testing. Excellent science and a translational/ experimental medicine approach are the hallmarks of his approach to drug discovery and development. His scientific accomplishments are documented in a publication record that covers a range of molecular targets and disease areas. Rudy leads by motivating and developing people. Having lived abroad for most of his life, he developed a strong sense for the role of cultural aspects as a way to enrich professional and private life. He has been helping companies with scientific project support as a consultant, and offers coaching for drug discovery professionals. Current clients include the Boston-area start-ups Sage Therapeutics, DeuteRx and GliaCure. 

President Suadeo Drug Discovery Consulting LLC (2013)

  • Supporting programs at Sage Therapeutics (Cambridge, MA), DeuteRx (Andover, MA) and GliaCure (Boston, MA).
  • Programs in schizophrenia, depression and Alzheimer's disease

SVP Neurobiology, Evotec AG (2010-12)

  • Scientific and operational leadership of the Neurobiology Department at a mid-size contract research organization
  • Department consisted of Ion Channel (electrophysiology), Molecular Neurobiology & Neuropharmacology labs
  • Based in Hamburg, Germany 

Senior Director Pharmacology, Sepracor Inc (2005-10)

  • Head of Discovery Department at a mid-size US Pharma company
  • Department consisted of Molecular Biology, Screening, Neuropharmacology, and Behavioral Pharmacology labs
  • Focus on translational medicine
  • Based in Marlborough, MA (now called Sunovion)

Department Head, Hoffman-La Roche Ltd (2001-05)

  • Head of three behavioral groups
  • Establishment of a portfolio of rodent and non-human primate models
  • Based in Palo Alto, California 

Research Scientist, Bayer AG (1995-2001)

  • Head of a Neuropharmacology lab
  • Development of animal models and program support
  • Based in Cologne and Wuppertal, Germany

Research Scientist, Servier Laboratories (1993-95)

  • Head of Behavioral Pharmacology lab
  • Development of animal models and program support
  • Based in Croissy-sur-Seine near Paris, France

 President Suadeo Drug Discovery Consulting LLC (2013) 

  • Cients include: Sage (, DeuteRx ( and GliaCure (
  • Selection and management of CROs, translational neuroscience, partnering support, mentoring  

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SVP Neurobiology, Evotec AG, Hamburg, Germany (2010-12) 

evotecScientific and operational leadership of the neurobiology department (ion channels, molecular neurobiology & neuropharmacology) at the CRO Evotec. As member of the operational management team, responsible for the CNS project portfolio. Activities included: 1) developement of a business plan for the neuropharmacology group with a focus on biomarker capabilities as a future growth area; 2) initiation of a strategic alliance between Evotec and Psychogenics Ltd to strengthen Evotec's in vivo pharmacology capabilities; 3) support of business development by identifying novel opportunities for customer acquisition and the preparation of client presentations and project proposals; and 4) “hands-on” scientific responsibility as superviser of a PhD student for a Huntington's project sponsored by a European FP7 grant (ITN program “Neuromodel”).

Senior Director, Sepracor Inc (now Sunovion), Marlborough, MA, USA (2005-10)


Head of discovery department (molecular biology, screening, neuropharmacology, and behavioral pharmacology). Using a very productive 'semi-virtual' drug discovery model the group advanced 2 compounds into clinical trials, 3 compounds into IND-enabling studies, and achieved 8 preclinical development nomination milestones in just 2 1/2 years. Member of 1) joint research committees with Acadia Pharmaceuticals and Psychogenics Inc.; 2) therapy area teams (CNS, internal medicine); 3) teams for the evaluation of in-licensing opportunities; and 4) a pain-imaging consortium. Leadership of a MIT-industry liaison program that provided valuable insights into cutting-edge neuroscience research and opportunities for starting new programs in house. 

Department Head Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Palo Alto, CA, USA (2001-05)

rocheAs department head, responsible for building a fully functional behavioural group in Palo Alto. Behavioral data generated in Palo Alto contributed to the achievement of many milestones, including the selection of 3 clinical candidates and 3 entries into human. Non-human primate infrastructure and models were established. The translational value of these models was demonstrated when a primate CANTAB model showed cognitive-enhancing activity with a compound (the alpha7-nicotinic agonist MEM3454) that subsequently showed activity in humans. After the research site in Palo Alto closed, the non-human primates were transferred to SRI in Menlo Park, CA. As member of various local and global teams, responsible for the management of the global CNS portfolio. Leader of the team that identified a PDE4 inhibitor for clinical development.

Research Scientist, Bayer AG, Cologne and Wuppertal, Germany (1995-2001)

bayerLabhead position. Developed and validated various models and behavioral testing strategies that contributed to a series of milestones, including the selection of 2 clinical candidates. Co-author on 28 patents. Proposed and led program (an alpha7-nicotinic agonist program for Alzheimer’s disease; now out-licenced) that entered Phase 3 clinical testing.


Research Scientist, Servier, Paris, France (1993-95)

servierAs labhead, establised novel behavioral models and provided drug discovery project support. The department had strong interdisciplinary activities between in vivo and in vitro groups; a strong curriculum in “basic” research, and a "comparative pharmacology" approach. This concept for drug discovery influenced Rudy Schreiber's approach in building drug discovery groups at other companies.




RUGMasters (biology) and PhD (neurobiology) from the University of Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands. "I was lucky - I found what I love to do early in life", applies not only to Steve Jobs but also to Rudy Schreiber. Rudy rapidly developed an interest and passion in neuroscience that is still growing since this area has never been more exciting than today. When doing his PhD thesis in behavioral pharmacology, it became clear that his future was in CNS drug discovery. An internship in a psychiatric clinic triggered a life-long interest in translating non-clinical findings and concepts to the clinic and vice versa.